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Authentic Imported Ethiopian Spices

  1. When do you ship Injera?

  2. All Injera orders are prepared and shipped on Monday or Tuesday each week, so everyone will receive their order before the weekend.

  3. When is the dead line for placing Injera order for this week shipment?

  4. Tuesday 10:00 AM. All Injera orders received after will be shipped the following week Monday or Tuesday.

  5. How much is shipping cost of Injera?

  6. We use flat rate priority mail to ship 1 or 2 packs(10 or 20 pieces) for $13.60, 3 packs for $18.85. Due to the heavy weight of Injera, we do not offer free shipping for Injera orders.

  7. Can you send my order by express mail?

  8. Yes, after placing your order send us an email requesting express mail. We will notify you the additional shipping charges and make the adjustment to your payment. However, in most cases shipping Injera orders express can be costly.

  9. When do you ship Injera bread and will it stay fresh when I get it?

  10. We prepare and ship Injera on Monday and Tuesday. We pack the Injera in zip lock bags and will arrive to most destinations in 2-3 days after shipment. It should stay good up to 7 days at room temperature.

  11. Is the Injera gluten free?

  12. No, our injera is made with Teff and self rising flour.

  13. Is there money back guarantee for my Injera orders?

  14. We offer money back guarantee on the quality of our spices. However, since Injera is perishable item, we do not offer money back guarantee.

  15. How long does Injera bread stay good and where is the best place to keep?

  16. Generally, Injera is good 5-7 days and it is best kept in refrigerator.

  17. Can I keep Injera in the freezer?

  18. Yes, you can keep Injera in the freezer. To unthaw leave it in room temperature or you can use oven at low heat. After unthaw, you can microwave at lower setting for a few seconds to get the softness.

  19. How can I tell when Injera has spoiled?

  20. Just like any other bread, if you see white or gray mold discard.

  21. Can I get refund for my Injera order?

  22. we do not offer a refund on perishable item (Injera). Once we ship the Injera, we have no control on the time of delivery or the conditions (temperature) the Injera might get exposed.
    No refund for delayed orders, undeliverable or incorrectly addressed orders.
    No refund on damaged products during shipping.

    For more questions E-mail us at:  admin@ethiopianspices.com

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